Meet the Tutors

Subjects: High School Spanish, ESL: English as Second/New Language,Math.


I have 12 years of lead teaching experience. I am a graduate of George Washington University's International Education Master's Program (2017), a professional actor, singer, dancer, and playwright in the DC area theater community, and have 12 years of teaching and school leadership experience. Prior to moving to DC, I lived and worked in South Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and am originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    Subjects: Music (Guitar, Theory, Technique, Practice Habits), Photography (DSLR Basics, Lightroom & Photoshop Basics), English/Creative Writing
    History, French, Fretted Instrument Repair

    Rate Negotiable, depending on subject/project

    I became a professional, gigging guitarist in 2004, and have made the majority of my income through music (playing, teaching, and repairing guitars) ever since.
    As a completely independent musician, I've taught myself a number of skills to advance my career, namely photography, writing, and graphic design. I worked as a photojournalist for a handful of online publications, including writing a regular column on historical sites for Brightest Young Things, and creating a collection of basic repair techniques for
    I also work as a live music coordinator and liaison for several small businesses and restaurants in my hometown of Washington DC, booking artists from all over the country.

    Jonny Grave is a guitarist, songwriter, singer, bandleader, teacher, musical historian, and photojournalist from Washington, D.C. Growing up in a musical family, Jonny Grave was introduced to the sounds of American traditional folk music early on. At age fifteen, he found himself learning slide guitar techniques from old Blues records, and by seventeen he was performing them live. Grave has performed at hundreds of venues all over the world from the red dirt floor of Gip's Juke Joint, to the red carpet of the Kennedy Center.

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      Subjects: Salary negotiation, career coaching, handling toxic workplaces


      You're worth more! I developed and managed a national salary negotiation workshop program designed to help women negotiate their salary and benefits - I have personally helped over 1,000 people prepared to negotiate for what they're worth when applying for a job or when asking for a raise.

      I spent the last 15 years working in education and gender equity, but my passion is to help improve toxic workplaces by empowering employees to enact change. A former third grade teacher, I have extensive experience with both in-person and online instruction. I'm also the founder of District Karaoke, DC’s first-and-only social, team-based karaoke league.

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        Subjects: Math - Middle and Elementary school


        Bachelor's degree in elementary ed., master's degree in middle school math, 4 years public school teaching, 5 years at home tutoring.

        Friendly, engaging, hardworking, relatable teacher. Mother of 3.

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          Subjects: Math, Guitar, Piano, Spanish, Science, History, English


          Nearly a decade of experience tutoring math at all levels through Calculus. Also an experienced guitar/piano player and instructor. Formerly a guitar, piano and band instructor at Bach 2 Rock.

          Experienced tutor and musician. Available during this difficult time.

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            Subjects: English, language arts, literature, music


            I am a teaching artist and arts educator in the DC area. I have been working in arts integration in schools and at a children's theatre for a year and a half. I have experience writing common core standard curriculum as well as teaching in the classroom for ages 1-18. In addition to my professional teaching experience, I have worked as a editor for a newspaper and literary magazine, and have published both journalistic and creative writing.

            I love children and teaching! I am passionate about finding creative methods to learn new skills and explain complex concepts. I will work with your student and meet them at their level with patience and understanding. I am happy to help with editing, structure, creating college essays, learning how to write creatively, and/or understanding e-learning assignments! I graduated summa cum laude from Washington College in 2018 with a degree in Theatre and Anthropology. Please reach out if you have any additional questions about me!

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              Subjects: Piano/keyboards, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, electric bass, ukulele.


              I provide individual musical instruction in your home for the piano, voice, and guitars. Each lesson is personalized to match the needs of the student and reinforces both playing by sight and by ear.  While most instructors simply follow a teaching method I incorporate ear training, rhythm studies, sight reading, sight singing, and music theory studies, to provide a more complete musical education.

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                Subjects: American History, American Foreign Policy, World History specifically China, Russia, and Japan

                Rate Negotiable

                Masters Degree in History, and teaching experience in a training setting in aviation. Writer, Aviation Operations Manager, former Political Organizer.

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                  Subjects: All styles and levels of guitar


                   I am a professional recording and touring musician who has been a private guitar instructor since 1985. I have a music performance degree From NOVA and George Mason. I have also studied via the Berklee school of music online. I have had numerous lessons published in Guitar Player magazine. I have recorded and gigged with a member of the rock and roll hall of fame as well as a Grammy award winner. I like to teach music with a discipline that makes the individual a proficient player while making things fun.

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                    Subjects: Art, drafting, drawing, oil painting


                    I am a professional artist--draftsman and oil painter for over 25 years. I also have more than 10 years experience tutoring art to young kids, teenagers as well as adults.

                    I am an artist, writer and philosopher. I do art that concentrates on the metaphysical questions that lie in the realm of dreams, but are mostly to do with reality as waking consciousness, and art as a way to reach this spiritual mental space. Like the expressionists and post-impressionists, the way it all relates to my life and its meaning takes precedence over the aesthetics of realism. Joseph Campbell, mythologist, once said: "Art is the public dream." This is the point of departure for my paintings. Originally from the Washington D.C. area, I went on to study Fine Art at The School of Visual Arts in New York City and have since sold a variety of pieces to clients from around the world. My paintings and drawings have been shown in cafes, bars and galleries in New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Paris, and Alençon, France.


                      Subjects: Accounting, Math, Finance, Tutored college level calculus and accounting


                      I am currently a Cost analyst with the National Science Foundation where I have 4 years of experience. Prior to that I was an Auditor with the DoD for 5 years.

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                        Subjects: Spanish


                        Native Spanish speaker, professional translator (Georgetown University), with over 15 years of experience tutoring all levels of Spanish to students from public and private schools in Fairfax County. I started my career teaching adults (DoD, State Department, Corporations.) I will help my students achieve their goals in Spanish. Whether you simply want to fulfill the school requirement for graduation or you plan to continue your study of Spanish in college, I can tailor my classes to fit your needs. Vast collection of books, grammar drills, listening comprehension and reading comprehension material.

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                          Subjects: Art, Digital Arts, Photography, Guitar, Drums

                          $60/hr (Rate Negotiable)

                          20 year teacher/ life long musician

                          I am a musician with a band and records, a DCPS digital arts and music teacher for Elementary and Middle school, and a leadership member of Girls Rock! DC. I am willing to negotiate prices during this time, especially if we work in groups of 2-4 students.

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                            Subjects: Singing, Art (Creative Freeplay), Reading, Diction and Vocabulary Building, Baking, Meal Prep


                            Lifelong creative. Musical Theatre. Author. World Traveler. Responsible for helping raise 5 siblings.

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                              Subjects: Music Theory, Music Criticism,  Flute (all levels), Ukulele (up to intermediate), Songwriting, Basic Reading, and Basic Math.

                              Rate Negotiable

                              I am an experienced music performer and arts educator with over 15 years enriching the lives of young people in the classroom and on the stage. I have taught as a classroom music teacher for 9 years in public, public charter, and private schools in DC and am familiar with the challenges our students face. My formal music training began with a focus on flute performance and music theory. I earned a bachelor's degree in music performance. From orchestras to hip-hop bands, I've been fortunate to play the flute professionally in esteemed venues such as the White House and The Kennedy Center. While flute performance is where my music career began, where I really shine is helping students connect music to larger topics like social change, science, math, and pop culture. Music's role in society and our children's daily lives is what generates lasting love and appreciation for music and the arts in general. As a veteran classroom music teacher you can expect that I will be professional, organized, and prepared. I am also proficient in Spanish.

                              I am a professional flutist and former classroom music teacher. I am a founding member of the hip-hop/jazz band the Lucky So & Sos and current member of the rock band Drive TFC. You can find recordings of both groups on bandcamp, facebook, and youtube.

                                Subjects: Voice coach, beginning guitar and ukulele


                                Annie is seasoned professional singer, musician and songwriter for 35 years. She has been a singer, multi-instrumentals, songwriter and voice coach for decades. She has helped hundreds of students expand their range, improve their tone, breath support, phrasing and stage presence.

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                                  Subjects: Songwriting, vocals and artist development

                                  $150/hr - Negotiable

                                  I've been a vocal coach for 14 years, worked as a music lecturer in New Zealand for four years, as a youth worker [YMCA] for four years and a songwriting and artist development coach for two years. I love sharing knowledge and empowerment through music.

                                  Washington DC based Emma G is a touring singer/songwriter/musician who writes an performs artivistic [artistic activist] music about equality, empowerment and inner strength. She's an award winning youth worker with an extensive history in teaching vocals, artist coaching and songwriting. Emma G teaches both virtually and in person, and works within a very student focused framework for all ages and abilities. Simply show up ready to dig deeper and push your limits!

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                                    Subjects: Spanish (introductory/exploratory, levels I-IV, AP, immersion)


                                    I've been a full-time classroom Spanish instructor since 2017. I've also provided tutoring, homework and essay help, and private lessons for the last six years.

                                    After graduating from the University of Virginia in 2017 (BA in Spanish and MT in K-12 Teaching) I taught high school Spanish in Charlottesville, VA. Now in D.C., I teach 6th grade Spanish and occasionally ESL. I use Comprehensible Input, immersion, and TPR-S strategies to engage my students, always centralizing authentic and transferable learning experiences. With private lessons, learners can achieve higher levels of proficiency, fluency, literacy, and mastery.

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                                      Subjects: History, Theatre, Life Skills, Public Speaking


                                      Hello, I am Bill Smolter, a working professional passionate about improving theatre, history, research, public speaking, critical thinking, and life skills. I currently am a research specialist in history and politics and want to share my knowledge with students everywhere. I have a Masters in global history with a specialization in US-Latin American relations. I look forward to meeting and working with those interested in learning more!

                                      I also have a Bachelors Degree in History in Theatre and History. I am skilled in Research, Public Speaking, Acting, History, and Political Science. I have experiencing teaching and tutoring students from K-12 and college in Theatre, History, Public Speaking, and Life Skills.

                                      When I am not working, you can find me reading, running, or building legos. Stay positive and keep your heads up! And always think outside the box.

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                                        Subjects: Oil painting, general painting, drawing, general art

                                        $25-45 per hour

                                        I've been an artist my whole life and an art teacher for several years, teaching classes and individual students of all age levels. I am an oil painter and illustrator with a BFA in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

                                        I'm a painter and illustrator originally from the DC area. My specialties include portrait painting, drawing (any medium), and illustration.

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                                          Subjects: Music, Creative Writing, Journalism, Debate, Religious studies, Business/Entrepreneurship, Marketing

                                          Rate Negotiable

                                          10+ years as a full-time musician and single father.

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                                            Subjects: Art, music, Spanish, French, English. Cello, guitar, ukulele (beginner to intermediate)

                                            Sliding scale, $25 to $50/hr

                                            I am a full-time touring singer, songwriter and cellist since 2009. I'm also a part-time educator, and have over 20 years' experience working with kids from infancy to adulthood. Since 2011 I have taught art and music to patients and families at Mission Children's Hospital through the NC-based nonprofit Arts For Life, and in 2016 I founded the Heartbeat Sessions as a collaboration between AFL and Echo Mountain Recording Studios. Since 2014 I have also worked as Children's Program Coordinator for the Swannanoa Gathering at Warren Wilson College (in other words I am the director of a small, 3-week-long, classroom-based day camp). I have a warm and fun-loving personality, and enjoy working with kids and adults of all ages. I am enthusiastic about finding and implementing accommodations for learning disabilities, physical differences and diverse learning styles. My approach to teaching - like my approach to life - is creative, open-minded and full of curiosity. You can find out more about my main projects at: and

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                                              Subjects: Music, English, Writing, Reading, Poetry, Songwriting

                                              Rate Negotiable

                                              Master's Degree in Language Education, Bachelor's Degree in English Education, with 10 years of classroom teaching experience.

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                                                Subjects: Math (through Calc), English, Science (including Chemistry)

                                                Rate Negotiable

                                                Bachelor’s degree in English and Math. Mom of three with one recent high school graduate. Horseback riding instructor for 10 years specializing in teaching children 3-18. I’m an energetic tutor ready to put my skills to work during the quarantine.

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                                                  Subjects: Math, Computer Science


                                                  Senior at University of Maryland Global Campus majoring in Cyber Security, Tutored middle school students for 1 semester while I attended Winston Churchill High School.

                                                  Joseph R Monasterial is a vocalist and acoustic guitarist based in the D.C. area. Singing has always been an undeniable passion that expresses the beauty of his surprisingly soulful, rich and unique voice. He first taught himself how to play an acoustic guitar when he was 16 and shortly after discovered that he could sing. Now performing locally in the DMV area and other states like New York, South Carolina, and California, many audiences of all ages have taken delight in his amazing vocal ability. He performs crossover styles and shows a good balance of a pop vocal style in singing an eclectic blend of tunes. Blessed with his musical talent coupled with his commitment and diligence, he is on his way to reaching his dreams. Through his music, Joseph has enriched his life and gained so many wonderful friends.

                                                    Subject: Occupational Therapy - Handwriting, Organization, Fine Motor Skills, Activities of Daily Living


                                                    Jamie is an Occupational Therapist.

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