Amber Walson

Subjects: Music Theory, Music Criticism,  Flute (all levels), Ukulele (up to intermediate), Songwriting, Basic Reading, and Basic Math.

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I am an experienced music performer and arts educator with over 15 years enriching the lives of young people in the classroom and on the stage. I have taught as a classroom music teacher for 9 years in public, public charter, and private schools in DC and am familiar with the challenges our students face. My formal music training began with a focus on flute performance and music theory. I earned a bachelor's degree in music performance. From orchestras to hip-hop bands, I've been fortunate to play the flute professionally in esteemed venues such as the White House and The Kennedy Center. While flute performance is where my music career began, where I really shine is helping students connect music to larger topics like social change, science, math, and pop culture. Music's role in society and our children's daily lives is what generates lasting love and appreciation for music and the arts in general. As a veteran classroom music teacher you can expect that I will be professional, organized, and prepared. I am also proficient in Spanish.

I am a professional flutist and former classroom music teacher. I am a founding member of the hip-hop/jazz band the Lucky So & Sos and current member of the rock band Drive TFC. You can find recordings of both groups on bandcamp, facebook, and youtube.